1. The design of masts and lighting columns are dynamically approved and verified by using (Finite Element Analysis) Designed to withstand wind speed of 35M per second. Topography, ground roughness and statistical factor of 1.0.
2. Masts are compiance to the standard specification for structural supports for highway signs, luminaries and traffic signals of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, 1994. Lighting columns comply to the British Lighting Columns Specification BS 5649.
3. Materials used for masts, lighting columns and decorative lighting columns are compliance to BS 4360 Grade 50A, Bs4360 Grade 43A and BS 1387 respectively.
4. Longitude of masts and lighting columns are seam welded conform to BS5135 by automatic continuous Metal Inert Gas (MIG) process.
5. Moth masts and lighting columns are anti-corroded by hot dip galvanized, compliance to Galvanizing Standard ISO 1461 : 1999
6. Service door dimension are given as a guide only. The engineer must satisfy himself that dimension given is adequate for the installation of the required control gears
7. The shaft of 6M and 7M height lighting columns shall be in single section whereas the shaft of 8M to 12M height lighting columns shall be in 2 sections.
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